Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Wedding in 1960’s

Digging into the old files and albums, I found several pictures of yesteryears. The above is one in particular. Now that the season of weddings and 'khenduris' is hitting the country side with invitation galore perhaps it is fitting that we look back to the time when we attended such ceremonies and savor the happy times.

Not much differences looking at the invitees as all friends and relatives are guests of honor. Only the venues may change as currently grandeur or convenient places are preferred to the individual homes. Not for anything else but for space and facilities.

This was a wedding back in the early 1960's and at Pantai Johor Alor Setar Kedah. The old house sadly is no more since the land has become a thoroughfare and the family lost a treasure. The couple is Hashim and Zaiton. Both were teachers at SMSAH Jenan and therefore the attendees in the picture were colleagues of the school. On closer look friends may recognize some of those in the picture. Over the years several of them have passed away and we are thoughtful of them and fittingly may we recite the AlFatihah and other verses from the Koran for their souls. Zainol Zakaria, Ismail Salleh, Wan Khadijah, Zainol Rashid and Syed Abu Bakar are identified in the picture.

This posting is also special because it is in recognition of Zaiton's quick recovery from an operation that she has gone through three weeks ago at Canberra Australia. Hashim and Zaiton have settled at Canberra and we are indeed happy that her 10 + hr operation has put her back on her feet and we all pray for her immediate recovery though she has to visit the hospital quite regularly after this. The report from Hashim speaks well of the facilities afforded by the medical staff and the hospital including community visit to the home of the patient after her discharge. Hopefully when Malaysia reached developed status we too would similarly afford facilities as available and enhance our lives and conditions.



Salam Pak Non,

I vividly recognise some of them.But Syed Abu Bakar is fully recognised.


KotaStar said...

Sdr Mat Isa,

Begitulah antara kenangan lama.Saya percaya tentu sdr orang pertama memberi feedback kepada tajuk ini.Malangya kita tak kesempatan berjumpa dengan aruah sebelum ia meninggal. Sering membaca nukilan anda dan nampaknya yang cerah-cerah belaka.Salam sekeluarga.