Thursday, June 10, 2010


THIS IS ANOTHER PICTURE that no photographer can ever compose through his lens again.Not that he could not get the same number of ladies to pose as they were but he could never get them to discard their head scarves which have become their characteristic attire now. In the above picture only ONE lady had hers. This is a unique picture by any mean and it shows how head scarves have progress in terms of usage, religious significance and marketing. Walk into any boutique shops in the country now you will find all colors and styles to tempt the ladies to choose the range offered. Significantly though the majority of Muslim and Malay women in Malaysia have taken to cover their heads with scarves of varied styles, there are a few who stuck to the old adage and of course get brick bats for their resistance to change or adapt to the common norms.

Over forty years must have passed by since such a photo session came before a cameraman and the trend has been overwhelming with school children and women folks taken naturally to the change. Unlike the songkok when it can be established that the wearer is undoubtedly a Malay and a Muslim, the same adage cannot be applied in the case of the scarf wearer. She can be anybody but when 'some body 'does not adapt to the change and set the trend right then it can be nosy and grumbling for many.

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Azizi Ahmad Termizi: said...

Pak Non

Over time, things change. Some for the better, but some not necessarily so.

The wearing of scarves is a good thing, provided it is done sincerely, dengan nawaitu yang betul.