Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Session A: Freedom Flotilla - Eye Witness Accounts . Speakers: D.J. Halliday Former Asst Sec General of United Nations, Mrs J. Graham International Activist on board MV Rachel Corrie, Dr Hassan Huseyin Uysal doctor on board MV Mavi Marmara, Mr Ashwad Ismail Astro Awani Broadcast Journalist on board MV Mavi Marmara and Prof. M Chassudowsky Uni of Ottawa. Moderator. Dato Mukhriz Mahathir

THE WEEKEND has been full with insights into different focus besides the normal expectancy. What with the culminating final of the World Cup which of course pulled the die hard or the novice soccer enthusiasts to force their eyelids opened into the wee hours of the morning, shouting dry at any attempt of a scoring at goal, a visitor to Kuala Lumpur in July will never tire of festivities. It's festival month and you will be hard pressed to choose what to see and visit in the city. For that Malaysia is on the top ten countries visited by tourists.Our choice focused to two 'F' that being the 'flotilla' and 'flora'. The former refers to the subject of "Breaking the Siege" an international conference held at Tun Razak Hall I Putra World Trade Centre Kuala Lumpur 11 July 2010 organised by Perdana Peace Organization and the other a flower show at Putrajaya.

'Breaking the Siege' brought us to Gaza and Palestine and the story of 'Rachel Corrie' and 'Mavi Marmara' plus their historic heroes who pushed on to Gaza with the hope of bringing salvation and aids to the impoverished people of Gaza but were halted and made to suffer indignation by those who stopped them in international waters. Of course the story has been reported in the media. Here today they were recounted by those that were there: they who endured the attack and were pushed into the Israel jails until they were set free. Eye witness accounts came from five speakers who were on board the freedom flotilla. Representatives from countries who support the cause were there too to give their stories. No it was not only two ships but all seven vessels were seized and escorted to Port of Ashdad in Israel.The flotilla carried more than 700 passengers. All that were meant for the people of Gaza came to naught.Israel military blockade of Gaza has left 1.4 million Palestinians trapped in the Gaza strip, generally depending on humanitarian aids as unemployment, poverty and food price rose. The story of the flotilla making their way to Gaza with much needed aids ended with the seizure of the ships. The world cries foul. The world's majority it seems is helpless to help. Yet right thinking people, people who cares strive on wishing soon justice will prevail.This was perhaps a resounding brief into the Palestinian/Israel conflict which one often sees stone throwing youth fighting 'Goliath' in a non ending script.

Keynote speaker and moderator taking notes of the
session. Seen part of the participants at the conference.

Chairman of Global Peace Organization, wife of the Prime Minister and Tun
Siti Hasmah all at the front with the Deputy Prime Minister. An opportunity like this knocks only once and you are lucky to be round and with your camera. The deputy Prime Minister had officiated at the closing.

Perhaps this quote from a poster at the conference entrance gave a stark reminder.

" If we accept the fact that the Universe was created to uphold justice, we being one of God's creation, should also uphold justice. In fact, upholding justice is one of our responsibilities as a human being"

Malaysia has played its part giving hopes to the people of Gaza, But hope alone is not enough. More has to be done and and the greater might of people all over the world must insist to call upon freedom and justice for the Gaza people. We are sure Gaza's destiny and story will continue to be focused and told till peace and justice comes its way.

We are so fortunate to go forth in ways that we choose. No barrier. No halting or restriction. Yesterday it was all the tremor of the Gaza strip with vivid photos of injustice and cruelty; of blood and tears. Yet the next day nature's beauty personified. Men toiling the soil and greenery expanded flora in all its glory and showcased a beautiful garden for all to admire. Nursery business has caused the countryside and the town-scape to become more attractive and green. In many ways our homes too acquired distinction of beautiful gardens where possible, not only with flowering plants but fruit trees that give substance throughout the year. We visited PWTC one day and the next it was Putrajaya.

We continue to learn each day.

Inspiration from the flora show, saw a durian seedling planted in the compound of the house adding to the rambutan, mangosteen and banana plant already bearing fruits.We do not expect a siege of any kind to come by only a yearly bounty if well nurtured.


Aishah said...

We continue to learn each day.

Assalamualaikum Kota Star, saya dah menjelma dengan wajah baru. Nak tinggal asam di laut. When you have the chance, please come visit.

Thank you.

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Kotastar, wow, interest to read of the activities going on your part of the World.
I guess for me, I avoid all these especially when there's the scent of politics or politicians around, ha ha.
I have stopped reading the papers too since retired as well hardly wear my watch....

I just want to live my life in tranquility, ha ha, after 35 years of what I had gone thru, ha ha.
Have fun and watch your speed limit, best regards, Lee.

KotaStar said...


An interesting observation. Now I realized that seniors like you and those in the west participate in other activities and effectively avoid politic wise programs. Would that be true? You have reasons for that. Over here, I can vouch that programs/activities etc almost many have linkages with govt n politics. Not surprisingly seniors support and are still active in politics or its activities.Reasons or cause? Interesting topic for in depth study. You have clicked by thoughts to that aspect. Thanks