Wednesday, July 21, 2010


HOW pleasant and refreshing even to see or hear such a phrase as it conjures happy and delightful tidings in the gripe vines. Today a New Straits Time report talked of a young Malaysian athlete, Nadia a school girl, 14 year old of Bukit Jalil Sports School who exuded confidence far beyond her years and emerging as a bright prospect for Malaysian athletics which currently amidst its gloom and doom. She won 'gold' for the long jump with a 5.86 meter effort, not far from the country's record and 'silver' in the triple jump at the recent Asean Schools athletic competition. Any prospect for the future will offer good tidings.

My thought goes to our daily flushing of disasters, accidents, cheats, dishonoring and unending quarrels and how any calming or 'a breath of fresh air' is a solace. Can you imagine how such a phrase came into being? Simple and yet perfect as anyone of us can easily identify how effective a wave of air, fresh and cool can calm the nerves and relieve all manner of feelings.

A postcard, a letter or even a phone call and now even a 'sms' can calm one's nerves if it is consoling and tender. Perhaps we have lost the touch of bringing that calming feelings into our lives. Fast, busy, competitive, self-centered live styles have in more ways than one have been a contributing factor.

A small gift of a bouquet of flowers, a visit to the hospital to offer speedy recovery to the patient, home visits to see the elders, a plate of home cooked dish to the neighbor's house, slowing down your vehicle to let the walker crossed the road or even to allow a flock of birds to fly across without you hitting them, not throwing rubbish all over the place are expectations we sorely craved for. Are they forthcoming?

At the point of drawing a deep breath one of course could not breathe down someone's neck for otherwise it would take one's breath away. Now wouldn't that breathe life into a corpse? My! My! How exciting when you can play with words and literally be able to eat someone for breakfast? Exciting? Contemplative? Or What?


Aishah said...

A breath of fresh air normally comes after a good rain or sometimes only after a big thunderstorm.

KotaStar said...

Now which one would we prefer? Of course after a big thunderstorm we could expect greater effects.Looks like we need the later for a good change! Thanks

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Kotastar, you're absolutely right re 'a breath of fresh air'....
I since retiring have stopped reading the papers, hardly listen to TV news, and I can honestly say, I am getting lots of breath of fresh air.

Reading the papers, kena lots of 'hot air' re MPs, PM or politicians trying to gain milage say this, say that, buat kita lintang pukang.

I find even though I've lost touch with what Obama or Sarah Palin up to...or that North Korean Elvis imitator doing, I feel good.
Otherwise blood pressure naik for no reason, ha ha.

And to me, my breath of fresh air is when a good friend from Alor Star drops by my pondok, a suave, dashing gentleman who drives a BMW....

I really look forward to the day I balek kampong and pay you a show me the best place in town for Malay food and it'll be my pleasure buy you lunch or dinner...kita boleh buka cherita, ha ha.

I need at least dua minggu to cover Penang and Alor Star as got some real jokers in Penang I need to minum iced coffee with too.
Think you know who they are in my pondok, ha ha.

Have a nice day, and keep well, Lee.